Реквием по шестой роте 2007

Sunshine 2007 - Sunshine 2007 - User Reviews - IMDbНазвание книги: Реквием по шестой роте 2007
Страниц: 120
Год: 2010
Жанр: Историческая

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О книге «Реквием по шестой роте 2007»

Mostly, it's only possible to define characters in terms of their interrelationships: the girl whose ex-boyfriend beat up the nerd whose brother is friends with the cop who is trying to comfort the woman whose husband and boy are missing.

Only one character, the closest we get to a protagonist, really sticks out in my mind, and that is because he is named "Dallas" in an ill-advised reference to the Ridley Scott movie.

Also, he is played by Steven Pasquale, and must therefore pass as the film's "name" actor.

Otherwise, it's strictly a panoply of day-players and TV character actors.

In a film bursting with conspicuous flaws, the most obvious is that we are stuck watching an endlessly unappealing series of minidramas, primarily the sub-sub-sub- tale of pretty Jesse (Kristen Hager) and pretty Ricky (Johnny Lewis) who has a not-secret crush on her.

Other than that, it's all flat as a pancake, without any tension or good scares, without any gore of even the slightest creativity beyond, "the kids like gore, right? Although maybe I shouldn't say that: cinematographer Daniel C.

Pearl smuggles in quite a few shots that have their own individual beauty as abstract images, and that gives you something nice to look at, even though by and large, the film's look and the film's narrative don't go much hand-in-hand.

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  • Достойное продолжение первой книги. Автор ненавидит читателей, читать и хотя бы чатиться. Продолжение отвратной тягомотины во всей ее красе. Кол.

  • Здравствуйте)очень заинтересовала книга данного автора) Поделитесь?

  • Прочитала только первую книгу и половину второй. Не затянуло. Вроде нормальный сюжет, интересные герои. А все время казалось что чего-то не хватает.

  • Классная книга!) Очень понравилась) огромное спасибо автору!)Applause

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